Vaginal Satisfaction, Stimulation from Penis Length

Understanding why women prefer larger penises to smaller ones for vaginal satisfaction isn't rocket science. A larger penis has the potential to make a woman enjoy multiple orgasms during lovemaking. On the same note, men take pride in being largely endowed. We live in a society where the masculinity of a man is judged largely based on the size of their penises. This explains why there is much hype about penis enlargement- especially on the internet. Every once in a while, I go through spam in my mail and you just can't imagine how many emails I find that has penis enlargement products ads. Whatever the case, it's not difficult to understand why larger penises are preferred when it comes to vaginal satisfaction.

Well, on the other hand, you may want to hear an interesting revelation from a recent research study. After all, men who attach longer penises with sexual satisfaction for their partners may have to rethink the whole issue. A new research study performed by a team of researchers from the United States and Kenya found that men who boast larger penises may want to re-evaluate the whole thinking approach. According to the study, every one inch longer of the penis length raised the possibility of the infidelity of a wife by nearly one and half times. The women participants in the research study linked longer penises with a lot of discomfort and pain during sexual intercourse. The researchers, therefore, argued that this revelation precludes the enjoyment as well as the sexual satisfaction that women are supposed to feel during sex.

In their report that appeared in PLOS ONE, a longer and fully erect penis of a spouse was associated with higher likelihoods of the wives having extra marital affairs. From these research findings, it is evident that women prefer longer penises but only to a certain extent. Further, this explains why the majority of women prefer a bigger girth instead of a longer penis. in fact, one of the women participants whose partner has a long penis said that she hurts so much during sexual intercourse to an extent that she has to find another man. In that regard, a longer penis could become a problem to a woman during sex, contrary to popular belief that a longer penis causes increased sexual satisfaction.

Why does the woman experience pain when having sex with a man who has a longer penis? Let us dig a little deeper and understand the anatomy of the woman vagina- or at the very least, what happens during sex.

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The vagina usually extends from the vaginal opening, all the way to the cervix- that is the opening that leads to the uterus. A woman's vagina serves as the receptacle for a man's penis at the time of sexual intercourse. It is also the area that serves as the birth canal where the baby passes. On average, the vaginal canal is normally three inches long and four, for women who have already given birth. It may appear short with respect to the penis. However, when a woman is sexually aroused, the cervix lifts upwards. Further, the fornix extends upwards into her body as much as possible in order to receive the penis. Well, the woman vagina is designed in a manner that allows it to stretch.

On the other hand, even though the vagina has incredible potential to extend (like is the case with childbirth), a penis that is more than average may cause pain or discomfort for women during either anal or vaginal sex. A gag reflex is also typical during oral sex when a larger than average penis is involved. Where men usually go wrong is when they don't establish when the woman is sexually aroused to accommodate their penises – that is full penetration. In as much as the vagina usually stretch when a woman is sexually stimulated, it takes a little while before it can fully receive the penis. When a man forces his penises completely inside the vagina of a woman, it results in discomfort and in extreme cases, painful intercourse for women. Unfortunately, only a few women or none at all communicate to their partners about the same. Women suffer in silence and tend to think that they have a problem with their vaginas.

Longer penises may hit the cervix during thrusting and this too, causes pain. Imagine a penis that is both long and thick; it might tear delicate tissues of the vaginal. This mostly happens when the partners fail to use sufficient lubricants. Urinary tract infections are common if such penises rub or irritate the urethra of a woman.

When all is said and done, it doesn't necessarily mean that a long penis is bad. It depends on how the man chooses to use his longer than an average penis to offer his woman vaginal satisfaction. Women love longer penises for various reasons namely:

  • Uterus stimulation
  • Deep stimulation of the back of the vagina
  • Increased friction along the walls of the vagina
  • Allows any sex position and style and
  • The penis doesn't slip out especially during heavy thrusting

So, how is the largely endowed man supposed to approach the lovemaking act? First and foremost, it is important to give your woman's vagina enough time to stretch adequately in a manner that allows full penetration. Secondly, the guy should also know how to adjust his penis angle in order to ensure that his penis does not bump the cervix directly. If he can do this, then he can give her woman significant multiple uterine orgasms. Such orgasms are as a result of rhythmic penis glans' stimulation against a region that high in the back of the vagina- popularly known as the E-zone or the epicentre. It is the area slightly above the cervix on the vagina's front wall. If approached well, men with seven inches long penises have the potential to cause uterine orgasm among their men. On the other hand, shorter penises with very hard erection give a lot of friction and pressure to one side of the vagina. However, it doesn't directly stimulate the back of the vagina and the uterus.

Longer than average penises are also said to offer more vaginal satisfaction in the very first two inches of a woman's vagina. It is the area with a lot of touch sensitive nerves. Long penises result in not only more but also more prolonged friction in every in and out stroke. Typically, in as much as women don't really care about the penis length, if approached well, sex with a man who has a longer penis can be extremely enjoyable and fulfilling.

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