Guys Are Right: Size Matters, When It Comes To Fertility

As a man, you've always been overly concerned about the size of your penis such that you've opted to look for male enhancement solutions. The main reason is because you feel that you are not performing as efficiently as a man should.

Even though all physicians say that size does not really matter when it comes to sexual performance and satisfaction in their partners, research has shown that it really affects a man's confidence as well as his self-esteem.

Well, if you are a man who is having a small size issues, well there are some bad news for you. Apparently, research indicates that the size of a man's penis also affects his ability to reproduce. This is quite some strange news to most people but it is the reality.

According to the research published by the JEHP (journal Environmental Health Perspectives), the penis size isn't exactly significant when it comes to male fertility. The actual length is measured from the anus to underneath the scrotum. This distance from the anus to the scrotum is also known as anogenital distance (AGD).

According to the author, Shanna Swan, a epidemiologist reproductive and a professor in the obstetrics and also gynaecology at the University of Rochester, AGD is associated with the semen volume and sperm count.

The research says that the median length of the AGD length is approximately 2 inches. Men who have a shorter measurement (less than 2 inches) are at a higher threat of having fertility troubles as compared with those who have an average length or longer than that.

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The research says that those with a shorter length are sub-fertile, which basically indicates a total sperm count of less than 20 ml/m (million per millilitre).

Men with such sperm quantities are less likely to be successful in getting their women pregnant. This is because, a perfectly normal man with the appropriate AGD length often has a sperm count that ranges from fifty to sixty million sperms per millilitre.

A shorter AGD length has also been linked a class of chemicals known as phthalates. These chemicals are said to be found special care products such as perfumes and shampoos. Apparently, in her study, Swan found that pregnant mothers who were exposed to have high levels of phthalates gave birth to toddler boys with reduced AGD and small penis size. The research also indicated that women who were exposed to high levels of phthalates had a decrease in testosterone.

Furthermore, tests conducted in male rodents with a shorter AGD also had fertility issues.

The discovery has opened a lot of men's eyes in a way that they have now been able to relate fertility issues with the length of AGD. A simple measurement can confirm whether the reason why the couple is having trouble conceiving is the length of the AGD.

Therefore, the size of the penis does really matter. However, looking for penis enlargement solutions may not be a permanent solution in this case. This is because; enlarging the penis will not increase the AGD length. This leaves a man with another burden that can be too overwhelming. Even though fertility issues in men have been common in the past, the new discovery is quite shocking to many people.

Therefore, size really does matter, even in fertility cases.

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