Thicker Penis Is A Sure Shot Sign Of More Vaginal Stimulation And Satisfaction

There is certainly more than one reason for which women prefer big and thick penises. Well, many believe that it enhances their sexual satisfaction. However, for some it is more of a psychological thing. Whatever be the reason, a thick penis is certainly more satisfying. How?

  • A thick penis creates more friction and enables deep stimulation of walls of vagina
  • More dilation of vagina (makes her feel she is completely open)
  • Her g-spot and AFE zone experiences better stimulation

Most women just love the feeling of being filled by a thick penis. A thick penis will cause more vaginal satisfaction since she will feel more friction and pressure on her vaginal walls. First few inches of vaginal walls have touched sensitive nerves. When a thick penis enters her vagina, she feels nothing but great amount of sensation and friction. The thicker the penis is the more vaginal satisfaction she gets.

Well, that is not all a thick penis gives more satisfaction to her clitoris too. It is completely a wrong notion that clitoris stimulation has nothing to do with the penis size. In fact, clitoris is larger than what we actually see on the outer side. The body of the clitoris is as long as the first joint of your thumb. Extending from the body, there are two bulbs located on each side of the vaginal cavity and they consist of erectile tissues. Now, it is obvious that a thicker penis will stimulate these bulbs better and hence she feels more sensation.

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A normal and average penis cannot usually give women a clitoral orgasm by penetration. However, some couples do practice the “CAT” position to achieve one.

You must have read somewhere or the other that many women do not reach orgasm because of excess lubrication. Well, they are sweet enough to admit that the girth size of their partner is so less that they do not feel the required sensation and friction. If the penis is not thick, she will simply lose the sensation and feel really nothing. Now, if she argues about this, simply ask her would this be the same case, if she had been with someone with a thicker penis. For sure, she can never be that wet that a big and thick penis cannot satisfy her.

Long story short:

During penetration sex, it is not only about the penis length, but about the girth size too. Any normal average female will feel more sensation is a thicker penis is penetrating her. A smaller or say thinner penis will not give her equal amount of satisfaction. Also, if she has been with a man with thicker penis for long, a smaller or thinner penis has no chance at all. The amount of friction and stimulation that she is used to is too high for a small or even average size penis to compete.

May be if someday she is really feeling horny, she might reach orgasm just by penetration, but on other days, she will definitely miss the feeling of having a thick one inside her. Also, you might have to employ some oral sex techniques to keep her happy and satisfied.

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