A Trick To Make Her Admit She Prefers A Bigger Penis Than Yours

The Simplest Trick That Will Help You Make Her Admit What She Actually Prefers

Discussing about penile size is something that every man wants to do and of course, they are expecting some truth from their partners. You are no different in this case. Just like any other man, you would love to know how well your partner appreciates your penis. If you have read enough about penis size, you surely know where you stand. Also, you must be aware about how women categorise men on the basis of penis size and what she prefers.

So, if you and your partner have never talked about this, or maybe she is never replying to all your questions, here's a trick. You can ask her three simple questions and this will tell you everything about what she thinks of your penis. Let's start...

First of all, all this is to make sure that she doesn't lie to you. For instance, say you have a small penis. Do you think she will prefer a bigger one? Of course, she does and you already know it. Yet, she tries to convince you that she is satisfied with your penis size. Now that's a lie. The key here is to put her in the spot, so that she accepts that she was lying to you. Size matters to her so much that she actually has to hide her preference from you.

A trick that can help:

First question: Ask her to imagine another guy, who is exactly a copy of you, like a twin. Every inch of his body is similar to yours and the only difference is the penile size. His penis size is almost an inch smaller than yours. Now, both of you are in front of her. Ask her whom she will prefer to have sex with.

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If she is not a big liar, she is sure to admit that she prefers you. Well, if she is too smart, she might sense where it is going and tell you that she will keep both of you. So, make the rules clear beforehand that she can only pick one.

Second question: Next, ask her to imagine a twin again in the same way, but the only difference now is that the twin has an inch bigger penis size than yours. Ask her to pick again. By now, she is surely going to neglect the question and avoid answering. Yes, it is a dirty question, which brings the truth out of her.

This will turn out to be a no-win situation. Since, even if she chooses you, you will never believe her.

Third question: This question is only required, if she is not answering firmly for the second one. Ask her to imagine that there are two twins and you are nowhere. One has a penis size 1 inch smaller than yours and second has penis size, which is an inch bigger than yours. Now, ask her whom will she prefer to have sex with.

She actually has no option, but to pick the one with a bigger penis. So, now you know and you have made her admit in front of you that all this time she was lying to you about liking or appreciating your penis.

One piece of very important advice, you need to do all this only if you feel she is lying to you and not being honest. However, if everything is fine and both of you are well satisfied never bring this up.

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