Other Factors Affecting A Woman's Orgasm

Different Factors That Affect a Woman's Orgasm A Lot

One thing that differentiates a man's orgasm from a women's orgasm is that she does not need the same thing every day. For her, gentle penetration works well at times, on some days, she might need a big and thick one to penetrate her deep and on some occasions touching her sexually on the outer side of her vagina and other hot zones are enough. No doubt size matters, but there are surely other factors too that affect her orgasm.

Let's see what these factors are:

The hardness and right movement:

Apart from your penis size, the second most important thing that you need to satisfy her is the right amount of hardness and perfect style of motion. If your penis is not hard enough, be sure she is going to feel nothing and it is next to impossible to make her cum just by penis alone. Also, if you don't know the right way of moving it, simply forget the idea of bringing her to orgasm.

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Be emotionally involved: There is no doubt about it that women are emotional about almost everything. Whether it is their work or personal life, they always have certain amount of emotions attached to it. Now, if this is the case, how is their sexual life any different? If you really wish to satisfy her well, make sure you are as much emotionally involved as she is. Seems like you are really into her and you appreciate her body well. She is an admirer, if you put in your hard work. She will feel more pleased and satisfied, if she will see you connecting with her emotionally.

Variety is the spice of life (sexual life): If by now, you are thinking that all she needs is that gentle and sweet lover boy then just forget it. Women love variety. If you want to make her feel a more fulfilling and pleasing climax, make sure you give her something new and exciting every time. Try talking to her about her fantasies. This can be the easiest way to make her feel complete. Whether it is about the position or about a role-play thing, try everything and who knows, it might turn out equally exciting for you too.

This whole idea that women desires and prefers big penises might make some men think completely wrong about women. Well, the case is that they have their own choice and if you really want to make them feel better, you must try to respect their preference. It does not mean a man with small penis size should never approach a woman or should never engage in sexuality.

Actually, it is all about doing everything, but just doing it the right way. If size is your issue, master other things, she will definitely appreciate it. Things like setting the right mood, caressing her the way she expects you to, giving her a good and relaxing oral, etc. all matters a lot. All you need is give her the psychological satisfaction which she definitely desires more than physical one.

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