Female Orgasm

All about Pleasurable Female Orgasm

If you really want to know why penis size matters then you really must know a few things about female orgasm. For starters, just know that it is a complex phenomenon.

There are nearly four different areas (hot spots), which are responsive to sexual stimulation. They are:

  • Clitoris
  • G-spot
  • Epicenter (the orgasmic spacemaker)
  • Anterior Fornix Erotic Zone (AFE zone)

Since there are 4 hot spots, there are four different categories in which you can divide female orgasm. Each category produces different sensations in each woman.

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Clitoris orgasm: This type of orgasm can be induced either by penetrating or by manually stimulating a female's vulva (clitoris). This orgasm is accompanied by contractions of orgasmic platform. Women mostly report it and in such an orgasm, they feel they have begun and desire more stimulation. Also, they can orgasm more at this point.

Vaginal orgasm: This type of orgasm is a result of heavy g-spot stimulation. Such an orgasm begins with the rhythmic contractions of pelvic muscles and results in an electric discharge throughout the body. The woman involuntarily holds her breath, when she is approaching orgasm and explosively exhales as she climaxes.

Uterine orgasm: This type of orgasm is usually the result of deep vaginal stimulation of the Epicenter. This one is better than the vaginal orgasm and a woman feels more sexually satisfying.

Blended orgasm: This type of orgasm is a combination of any two or all the ones mentioned above. It is characterised by both contractions of pelvic muscles and breath holding.

In addition to these, there are other female orgasms too, i.e. anal orgasm, urethral orgasm and nipple orgasm. In any of these types, penis size is not really an issue. However, any normal average woman engaged in anal sex prefers a penis with medium girth size and a little above medium length. For urethral masturbation, any normal woman would prefer objects of the size of a hairpin.

The most recent hot spot discovered by researchers is the AFE Zone. This one has provided a lot of complexity to the female orgasm issue. However, you can be sure of one thing, that the entire vagina plays a vital role when we are talking about female orgasm. Well, of course one more thing, which is clear, is the bigger and thicker the penis is, the more friction and stimulation she feels. So, that is it. This is why a bigger penis is more preferable and works best for almost any women.

All the above mentioned definitions may be contradictory to what you read in a few books, but they are good enough to clear several things about how female orgasm works. The more you know about how female orgasm works, the better you will understand the importance of having a bigger penis. Above all, you can even try to master a few techniques that will help you satisfy her better. Now, you know that there are four different ways for her to reach and enjoy orgasm.

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