What To Do On Your First Date?

Excitements, a bit of nervousness, joy, and of course confusions are quite inseparable aspects of a first date. Hence, you need to be quite concerned about few dos and don'ts.

P.S – ‘First date' does not refer only to the very first date with a girl, in your life. Rather, it's the same if a girl is new to you, and you are dating that girl for the first time.

Planning With Flexibility In It

Great! You have planned everything. The venue at an outdoor location is fixed, tables are booked in the restaurant, and with other such plans you seem quite prepared. However, think about it. What if the weather tomorrow doesn't favor your outdoor date, or if you lose your reservation in the restaurant? What would be you reaction, and how messed up will be everything. It will be ruined, isn't it?

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Hence, there always needs to be a flexibility and backup for your date plan (not necessarily for your first date only). Like, if you can't make it to that beach, then you need to be ready with an alternative location where the bad weather can't affect your date. Besides, you need to handle everything with calm and composure. Like, if you lose your reservation, you needn't steam just avoid it with a smile. Let her know that you are a man of class and composure.

Late For Date – Not Acceptable

That can be the most annoying thing for a girl, especially if it's a first date of both of you together. You need to plan it well to crop up any problem, in-fact even any possibility of a problem. Of course, you would never be late intentionally. Yet, who knows the traffic can be high, or there can be a problem with your car, etc.

Hence, it's always advisable to keep a 30 minutes cushion in your first date. Besides, rushing and hurrying for your first date can always mess it up even after you could make it at the correct time. You need to be there early, relax well, so that there isn't any concern bothering you.

Including As Many Senses As You Can

Taste, smell, touch, sight, and sound, the more elements you can add to please her in these contexts, the better it would be. If you have planned for some food, you need to make sure that there is a great food, nice wine, wild berries, etc. Trying to blossom the venue with fragrant flowers, candle-lights, etc. can make it even better. Similarly, a warm fire, waves touching the toes, panoramic sunset sights, and sounds of waterfalls, waves etc, can always add up more and more essence of romance to your date.

Besides, if you have even a little idea about the girl's choices and preferences in any of these contexts, then that can be the best thing to implement. Like, if you know about her favorite music, cuisine, etc. She would be more than delighted to be treated in such a special way. That of course would enhance your chances of more and more dates with her.

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