What If She Avoids Giving You Her Phone Number

Getting the phone number of the girl you are attracted to is quite necessary to retain your chances of meeting her again. Obviously, most of you guys do understand it well, and so whenever you have been in such a situation you try your best to get the number.

It usually isn't that tough to get a girl's number if you make the right approach and most importantly if you know the proper way of handling her responses. That reminds of a common misconception among guys in this context. They think that they need to have conversations with a girl for a long period of time, before they can get her number. Getting her number in minutes of conversation neither seem decent to most of them, nor they poses the confidence for that. This is where they are primarily mistaken.

There is nothing wrong in asking for her number in a few minutes of conversation. In-fact, if she finds you really confident with your approach, and if she is really likes you, then she would give you her number in no-time. However, women usually resist in-fact make excuses to give their number initially. All you need then is a proper way to handle her response.

She Just Asks For Your Number Instead

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For girls, it's quite a usual way to handle guys' request for their numbers. An easy escape or you might call it even an easy trap. Most of the times, it's the man who are supposed to act as the leaders in the dating process. It's you would need to call her first. Hence, as a response to her asking your phone number instead, you may still continue to get her number.

Usually, guys get it wrong, when a girl asks them for their numbers, instead of giving it. They think that the girl is interested and she would call them later. However, that's absolutely not the case. The girl instead simply means that she isn't interested in you and it's just an easy escape to get out of the situation soon. Hence, a better response can be to just not give your own number to her, and simply tell her to let it be.

She Says That She Has A Boyfriend

Well that can only mean one of the two very obvious things. Either she is telling you the truth and is quite happy in her relationship, or in other case she wants you to simply leave her alone. It's like a not so favorable situation, most of the times. Since, asking her number even then can simply mean that you lack respect for a committed girl. Hence, it better then to just give a smile, and move on without any hard feelings.

She Says That She Is Really Busy At The Moment

Why don't turn such a response to your favor then? Simply, tell her that you too are busy, but you think that few minutes for a coffee is always affordable. It's like having a date there and then and trying you best efforts for more.

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