What Do Women Find Attractive In Men?

Is it a great physique, intelligence, sexual conquest, or anything else?

Well, the choices may vary for different women and they might look for any of these specific traits in you. However, there are a few behavioral traits of men that almost every woman likes. They find men with such traits really impressive. If you posses those, they would fall for you in no time.

Now, does that mean it's some kind of unrevealed secret that men have no idea about? Not exactly, but yes to an extent most men (especially who have more of bad dating experiences) aren't aware of these, or they overlook them. Hence, men like you who have always been looking for dating tips, or tips to impress women, need to first know about what do women find attractive in men.

A Dominating Man, A Leader

Well not actually, if you verbally ask one of those women. They would never accept that they find dominating man more attractive. In-fact, they might just say that they would like to be with men who do everything with mutual decision and understanding. However, subconsciously they like men who take charge, lead, make decisions, and know what he wants.

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When a man gives his woman a chance to lead or to take the charge or to decide something, in most of the cases women just revert back it to their men. Like, if he asks her for the kind of movie she would like to watch, she would probably say that she doesn't know or ask him to decide. They want men to be on the ‘driver's' seat, and take decisions.

Knowing this for the first time, might confuse you as why would women want a dominating man. They might be happy with all the decisions taken mutually. However, when you actually bring this thing into action, you would realize the need for it. As a matter of fact, it's much better to be the leader, and enjoy your dominance, as she would love it too.

Confidence, In-fact a bit of Arrogance

Arrogance, why would anyone on the earth like an arrogant partner? Yes, it can be a bit confusing for most of you to understand. However, the fact is, a man's arrogance is usually interpreted as his confidence and that attracts every women.

You might have usually seen women dating those “bad-boys” and jerks. Why do they prefer them? The only reason being a high confidence vibe that they get from such guys.

Good Sense Of Humor

Any woman would like to spend her time with a guy who can furnish her with a fun-time. They love to laugh, enjoy, and have fun with their partner. Hence, when you have good sense of humor, you have a significant reason as why women would be obsess of you and your company.

For women, it isn't usually much difficult to find men with these traits, as there is numerous alpha male who know this key secret to fascinate women. You can surely be one of those.

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