The Interesting Facts About Kama Sutra

Since ages Kama Sutra has been referred by many men and women to get proper knowledge about sexual positions. It has topics on how to allure, illicit relationships, and many others. This book has been translated into many languages and is passionately referred throughout the world.

The original text is Indian language, and has covered many interesting topics in it. It talks about various practicalities of sexuality, the way to live, and how to successfully satisfy your partner. All these information are quite important to maintain a healthy relationship.

In this book you can find, innumerable information about curious niceties that was a usual practice in the country. It also reveals the concept of modern relationship and talks about different ways of making love with their partners and courtiers. In short it is a guide book, wherein you can find answers to all your queries.

The History of Kama Sutra

This famous book was authored by Vatsyayana Mallanaga, who did extensive research especially from some of the renowned Sanskrit manuals. It is mainly known as erotic text and claimed not to be the original one. It was written between the years 100-500 AD and was intended to create a social awareness about intimacy. This book mentions some of the positions to be holistic and scared that has great importance. There are some acts that according to this book are forbidden.

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This book talks about 64 different types of sexual positions, which were mainly practiced by the people from upper caste. In those days, young ladies before their marriage were taught the meaning of sex through the Kama Sutra. It was mandatory for them to gain this knowledge. You can also find other text that was written by Ratirahasya a.k.a. Kokashastra by Kokkoka interpreted into English language by S. C. Upadhyaya in the year 1965. There were many other writers, who worked on the manuscript of this book and translated into English.

Ideology of Kama Sutra

The book talks high on men who have refined qualities to allure women. A knowledgeable man who well understands others intentions and confidently does his task, knows how to win over a woman, even if she is stubborn. You can also read some interesting concepts that will help you to romance in today's era.

It also gives innumerable examples on how to differentiate between different types of women and please her as per the requirement. It talks about different aspects of making love and romance, which is required for maintaining a healthy sexual life. Kama in Hindu mythology means love. You can also find the reference of Dharma, which is religious and Artha, related to acquiring and managing wealth in the best possible manner.

Many of the text and messages are confined to the Indian society, but you can overlook the importance of other information that is quite helpful in this hectic life. Many psychologists have made positive comments on this book and it has received an overwhelming response from people all over the world.

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