The Three Hottest Sex Positions

Sex is the ultimate goal in most any new relationship. You go through the motions of the rest of the game, most of which you as a male have little interest in, but the final conquest is always the same.

However, the largest majority of people in the dating game are just not good at this particular part of the relationship.

Even though they have some kind of notion that tells them that they are the greatest thing since sliced bread when it comes to sex, the real truth of the matter is that they are only interested in their own needs.

That in itself can lead to nothing more than a simple break down of the relationship. You must understand that the female in the relationship is just as interested in the sexual relations as you are. That is a commonly overlooked fact that most of the men are finding difficult to understand.

There is nothing about sex that really bothers a woman other than the fact that most of the women in the world are hardly satisfied. They have not found the man who is willing to meet the needs that they have and push to a new place in the world of physical mating.

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This is the largest problem that most of the women in the world tend to have and the men are not all that willing to make any changes in that direction. Of course this is the problem that needs to be solved if you are to have an actual physical and real relationship with a woman.

They have a stronger desire for things that approve the way to the best sex they have ever had. This is also important when you consider the fact that these very same women want the sex to continue in the same way it has started as long as it is good.

So we come to the point where a person needs to understand that entire concept behind the sexual revolution and the combined efforts of the person that has the right kind of mind set when it comes to the complexities of the sexual relationship.

One of the most important factors of the sexual relationship is the position that you choose. Most of the women in the world have a favorite position and that is the best way to her heart from a physical point of view.

If you are able to train yourself to the fact that the favorite position that the woman has will drastically improve her satisfaction in the bedroom then you are going to be able to enjoy the relationship you have all the way around. One of the positions tends to be doggy style where the woman is on all fours and you are positioned behind her.

This allows for good penetration and control. Woman on top is another great one. This allows the woman to control the action. Then there is the standard missionary position. Most of the women of the world like that position because of the intimate connection it allows.

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